Q: Which team should my son/daughter try out for?  
A: As of 2010, AAU competitive divisions are grade based. The AAU program year runs from 9-1 – YY to 8-31-YY+1.  Grade determinations are based on the athletes grade as of 10/1/YY with an age limit based on the athletes age as of 9/1/YY+1.  Academically accelerated athletes maybe able to play in their age appropriate (lower) grade division.  You can go or and then select the Eligibility tab or link to help determine the AAU Grade  division your child is eligible to play in.  

Q: What if my child can not make all of the try outs?
A:  If a player is going to miss a tryout because of another game schedule please notify us. Coaches and evaluators will not be aware of why players are not at a tryout without advanced notification.  Try to make at least one of the tryouts and then each team will be having an aditional workout if you child needs to be evaluated futher.

 Q: How do you evaluate players to ensure each player gets a fair try out?
A:  Players are put through basic basketball drills to evaluate the skills of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense.
All players are put through the same drills to ensure that the try-out process is fair.  Each coach will speak with their evaluators to let them know what kind of players they are looking for on their team (i.e. shooter, big chooch, great defender). 

 Q: What type of experience should a player have before trying out for a Team Vito Basketball ?
A:  Players can have wide variety of basketball experience. It is important to remember because we are drawing from multiple communities, AAU teams are more competitive than most Recreational or House league teams, Rising Star, I270, County travel, Middle School, or CYO teams.

Q: My child plays another sport (Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse etc) – would they be able to play AAU Basketball also?
A:  Yes they can still play AAU basketball. Practices are held in the evenings in a 1.5 -2 hour slot between 6-9pm and games are on weekends.  Each coach has a different policy on practice and game attendance.  Please discuss this matter during our tryouts parents’ session with the specific coach on their policy on missing practices and games. It is important to let the coach know beforehand if you are unable to attend a practice or game.  The AAU program is much more competitive than recreational and local select teams because it involves kids from different communities playing on the same team resulting in a better talent pool. Recreational Leagues will consist of teams from one town or school/grade that register together playing teams from other towns.  AAU is also a bigger time commitment with practices during the week and tournaments on the weekends.  It is also important to keep in mind that players who are unable to attend practice will also miss out on understanding what was covered in practice (ex: a particular play).  This is important to understand because it could effect playing time.  

Q: How many players be selected for a team?
A:  Each Coach and team is different but normally 10-12 players per team. we do realize that families take vacation in the summer time so to compensate for this more players maybe selected it all up to each coach. (6th & 7th grade teams we are looking for about 10 players each team)

Q: If I don't make a team do I get my tryout fee back?
A: Refunds will not be given to players who do not make the team. The fee is for the opportunity to try out for the team and covers gym time for the evaluations.

Q: My son or daughter is very upset over not making a team; what should I say to him or her?
A: We understand that getting cut from a team is a heartbreaking experience for any child. It is important that you explain to your child that if they gave their best effort that is what is important. Many good players have been cut at one time or another, Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school team.  Players should evaluate the areas that they need improvement in and work at them.  Please see our Getting Cut handout downloadable from our website.